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Welcome to SK Home Tools! Here on our site you will find a selection of useful blog posts, products reviews and comparison guides all committed to helping you find the best tools for the money.

Tools and toys are not just for men! Some of the best carpenters, plumbers, and electricians are tool loving women licensed in their trade, or they are at home keeping their homestead up-to-date the same as their male associates.

Our Review Process

Working with any type of machinery can be a hazard, which is why it’s more important than ever to avoid misinformation. Here at Best of Machinery, our dedication ensures that we provide the most accurate information possible. Whether you’re dealing with saws and sand belts or mulching those autumn leaves, you can rest assured that the information we provide is reliable and trust-worthy. Only first-rate experts in the field make up our research and review team, providing you with all the content you need.

Not only that, but we ensure that every single article is up to date, with not only the most recent information but also the latest equipment, so you’re not basing your next home renovation or DIY project on outdated facts.

There are few limits about the types of tools we will discuss in previews, but we avoid reviewing tools that are way beyond our experience. Paid-placement content is NOT permitted under any condition. If we think a tool is worth previewing or discussing in a post, we’ll gladly do it for free.

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